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Children and adolescents with overactive and attention deficit problems often cause themselves and others tremendous stress along with a myriad of complications dealing with life matters. Watching a child with ADHDlearning problems (either through a learning disorder or attention deficit disorder) struggle through school and social situations can be one of the most challenging things a parent can face. In fact, having a child with ADD or ADHD can take an emotional toll on the parent as well. Affected individuals might get out of control, become over or under stimulated, or go through uncontrollable stimulation patterns weaving through their sensorium, which cause inconsistent and volatile behavioral patterns very hard to control in a household. This also becomes very emotionally unsettling.

ADD/ADHD/LD all fall under the umbrella of attention deficit disorders. These conditions are dysfunctions of the Central Nervous System and affects attention and concentration abilities, memory, learning, and difficulties in processing and sorting out stimuli coming from a person’s subjective and objective realms. Symptoms may include passivity and inattentiveness along with uncontrollable and unruly behavior. It is a frustrating condition, causing plenty of stress to individuals which could go through serious emotional and psychological problems. Attention Deficit affects the entire realm of learning, from socializing with others to performing well academically.

Alternative ADD & ADHD Treatment

Treatment for ADD and ADHDThere are natural alternative treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that don’t involve the use of Ritalin or Concerta. Information about ADD is key, and by educating yourself, your family and your child, a comprehensive natural treatment for ADD is attainable. There are many things that need to be done together to achieve optimum results and eliminate many of the symptoms of ADD or ADHD.  As you probably already know, it’s a “spectrum” disorder and your child (or an adult) can fall anywhere on the spectrum and have mild or severe symptoms. No one particular approach is always going to work, however, by implementing many ofAttend Minis for ADHD the ideas to naturally help these symptoms there is a likelihood that improvement will occur.

Think about this, ADD and ADHD have been on the rise for decades. What’s changed? Our lifestyle. Our genes haven’t changed much over the last 40,000 years, but our diets have. Many authorities believe that one of the greatest deficiencies of our times is an omega 3 deficiency. But this is just part of the problem. Because of depleted nutrients in our soil that has been occurring over the last 100 years, your child is not getting all of the nutrients you did or your grandparents did when they do eat a fruit or vegetable. We’ve also put some information about diet on the site that may be helpful.

But treating ADD and ADHD naturally, without harmful medications is possible. ATTEND by Vaxa is one of the most widely used homeopathic remedies for ADD/ADHD. Adding Vaxa’s Attend to the natural treatment regimen for ADD is a wonderful way to achieve the desired results.

You can always use traditional medication for ADD or ADHD, but talk to your doctor about starting with an alternative ADD treatment.

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